John Sylvain

Software Engineer

Hey! 👋

I'm John, a passionate software engineer focused on creating beautiful and performant JavaScript web applications.

Currently, I develop consumer web products at Rocketmiles.

Slack Colors 👉

Slack Colors is a web app for creating beautiful Slack color themes.

It uses a simple voting system to train a client-side neural network. In turn, the app generates a set of recommended themes.

Slack Colors uses a custom color generation technique for creating cohesive color schemes.

Streamit 👉

Streamit is a playlist maker for Reddit video content.

Queue up all the videos from your favorite subreddits for a simplified viewing experience.

It features a clean UI and leverages the Web Storage API to remember the most recently visited subreddits.

Kobra 👉

Kobra is a minimal JavaScript framework.

It includes a built-in router, Redux style actions/state management, and a small bundle size (~2.6 kb gzipped).

Kobra is inspired by the ELM architecture and is designed to be an approachable and lightweight framework solution.