John Sylvain

Software Engineer

Hi! 👋

I'm John, a passionate software engineer focused on creating beautiful and performant web applications.

Currently, I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Vintro. Previously at The Coda Collection and Rocketmiles.

Fileary 🗄

Securely share files.

It compresses files and generates a secure, password protected link that automatically expires.

Fileary is built with Apollo Server, GraphQL, Firebase, AWS S3, and React.

Slack Colors 🎨

Slack Colors is a web app for creating beautiful Slack color themes.

It uses a simple voting system to train a client-side neural network. In turn, the app generates a set of recommended themes.

Slack Colors uses a custom color generation technique for creating cohesive color schemes.

Pop Cover 🎉

Pop Cover creates Spotify playlist cover art.

It creates playlists that are inspired by Spotify's "This is" playlist series.

Pop Cover is built with serverless functions, JWT based authentication, and the HTML Canvas API.

Kobra 🐍

Kobra is a minimal JavaScript framework.

It includes a built-in router, simple action-based state management, and a small bundle size (~2.7 kb gzipped).

Kobra is inspired by the ELM architecture and is designed to be an approachable and lightweight framework solution.